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 Canaccord Genuity Corp.

Our investment philosophy is based primarily on the power of consistent cash flow and compound returns - a proven strategy that we believe is critical in building and maintaining your wealth.

While every client is unique, they share a common characteristic of wanting predictable investment returns. Our clients appreciate the consistent stream of cash flow generated from their hard-earned assets. Whether you are saving for retirement, or you are already retired, our experience shows that the power of cash flow and compounding are critical to the long-term success of your financial well-being.

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John Lysnes, BA (Econ)

Senior Investment Advisor

John has over 18 years of investment industry experience.  He received his Bachelor of Economics from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Diploma in Business Administration (Computer Sciences) from Lakehead University.  He is securities licensed as well as life insurance licensed and holds the Senior Investment Advisor designation at Canaccord Genuity.  

Prior to working in the financial services industry, John owned and operated his own business. John is committed to providing clients with solid investment strategies in an interactive manner and in line with their personal needs and aspirations.  John also believes in building long lasting relationships with his valued clients.

John is a long time area resident and lives with his wife, Cathy, in Cambridge.  John and Cathy have three adult children living in Toronto.  In his spare time, John enjoys bicycling, antiquing, home improvements and traveling as well as being an avid garden railroader.

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Mike Magreehan, BBA (Hon), CFP, CIM

Senior Investment Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager

While every client is unique, they often share a common desire – confidence in knowing the decisions they make today will have a positive impact on their lifestyle in the future.

Whether their intentions are to grow and protect hard-earned assets, care for their family, community or charitable causes, or pay less tax, clients appreciate Mike’s thorough approach and attention to detail in the solutions he recommends.

Mike works closely with business owners, professionals and retirees in crafting a customized financial strategy map to ensuring his clients stay on track to reach their desired outcome. They are busy and successful people who are devoted to their family, their faith, and their future, while Mike’s role is to ensure that their finances are professionally prioritized and meticulously managed.

Mike began his career in the financial services industry in 1996. Having earned an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, he also holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation, he is a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) and is securities and life insurance licensed.

Mike is a regular contributor for various national publications and magazines, such as the Canadian Chiropractor Magazine.

Mike has been a host on Your Money Matters, our weekly radio show dedicated to all things financial – investing, tax, real estate, economics or politics. Through all sorts of market conditions, Your Money Matters was broadcast live weekly on 570News. The 60-minute show has been a beacon of solid perspective for nearly 20 years, providing real-time guidance to the many issues facing investors.

Having served as Chair of the City of Waterloo Citizens Budget Task Force, Mike led a focus group of financial professionals dedicated to increasing the City’s fiscal transparency and accountability.

Mike’s passions include his family, reading, playing the guitar and drums, cycling and cross-country skiing.

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Chantelle Jack

Senior Investment Advisor Assistant (L)

Chantelle began her career in the financial services Industry in 2000.  After earning a Financial Business Administration diploma, Chantelle completed all industry requirements to become securities licensed, including the Canadian Securities Course and the Professional Financial Planning Course. 

Chantelle’s attention to detail and extensive knowledge of our business makes her an invaluable partner in our team.  She is the first point of contact on any administrative issue.  Clients value her kind demeanor, her dedication to customer service and her unparalleled ability to ensure all administration is followed through in a timely manner to completion. 

In her spare time, Chantelle enjoys spending time with her husband Kevin and two children.

Questions? E-mail Chantelle



"I have been working with Mike Magreehan and his team at Canaccord Genuity since 2008. I have always been most impressed with the knowledge, fact-based information and timely support that is provided. Mike’s solid business acumen,  and global market knowledge along with his high degree of professional integrity offers the planning strategies that I am looking for in a financial advisor.

When I am asked by family, friends or colleagues on my financial planning priorities,  my initial response is to highlight Mike and the Canaccord Genuity team for the key role they play in the management of our current and future financial goals.

Simply stated-  A growing portfolio and people you trust"

Michael Bond,  Vice President, BD Bioscience/ Country Leader- Canada

Client since 2008


"Ever since we made the decision to seek out financial advice to help with our goals, Mike Magreehan and his team have been there for our family.  Rarely do you find an advisor with the patience, technical skills and overall market knowledge that Mike brings to every discussion.  We have relied on Mike to steer us through market upheavals over the years, and his strategies continue to keep us on track.  From planning for our children’s education to building up our nest egg, Mike is always proactive and eager to share his thoughts and his time with us.  Mike is truly our ‘trusted advisor’, and I look forward to his continued guidance throughout our working years as well our retirement years."

Joe Devitt, Partner, KPMG Canada

Client since 2004


"It has been a rewarding experience in many ways to have been associated with Mike Magreehan and his team at Canaccord over the past number of years.  In my opinion, Mike has always had the best interests of his clients at heart.  His financial advice has been consistently solid and he has been proactive with regard to my portfolio, not letting any development sit or slide.  He is knowledgeable in many areas and willing to take the time to keep in touch and share information.  Mike deals patiently with personal foibles, financial and otherwise.  Mike has been an excellent financial advisor and I'm looking forward to working with him in the years to come."

Lindsay B. (retired)

Client since 2010


"For nearly twenty years, Mike, John and Chantelle have been looking after our future goals for financial planning  and investment needs.  The team brings their collective experience and talent together by understanding our specific financial situation, to provide a strategic outlook and ensure regular progress aligns with that strategy.  On a defined regular basis they provide check points, as well as throughout the year, they will reach out to us when circumstances arise that align with our goals to ensure we are able to take advantage of market conditions that will work in our favor.

We trust their advice and professionalism and through measurable deliverables they provide the results we need as active partners in our future.  They continuously upgrade their respective knowledge and skills to stay current within the industry and watch trends that may be changing to exploit those trends and match our long term goals.  We look forward to continue working with the team as our life needs change from raising our family, preparing them through post-secondary school, and ultimately helping ensure we are looked after in our retirement."

Roger Brooks, Director, Information Technology & Sandra Brooks, Director of Care

Clients since 2002


"Since retiring in 2007, Mike set our investments up primarily to provide a steady monthly income, but also looking to increase the value of our portfolio.  A steady monthly income is the most important thing for us.  The big crash of 2008 could have been a major disaster for us but the income kept coming and we tried very hard not to dwell on the falling stock prices.  Mike did a fabulous job of getting us through those very tough times and now our investments are the highest they have ever been and that is after taking a steady monthly income since we retired.  Mike contacts us when he thinks a change is needed and we trust him to do the best for us. 

We highly recommend Mike and his team to anyone needing investment advice." 

Paul and Valerie (retired)

Clients since 2003


"I’ve been very pleased with my dealings with Mike Magreehan and his team at Canaccord over the years.  He has proven to be fully knowledgeable relative to the investment business.  I have found Mike to be extremely careful in determining my financial requirements and limitations.  His recommendations have been prudent, considerate, and never overbearing.  Mike has proven to be astute business-wise, and is very familiar with business developments and with the business climate generally.

I have found Mike to be at all times reliable and trustworthy."

Stewart Mank, BA, Bachelor of Laws, Juris Doctor (retired lawyer)

Client since 2008


"My wife and I were recommended to Mike by a friend. I had been complaining that we never received advice from our previous advisor, even when we asked.  As well, we felt we were spinning our wheels financially, because our investments only seemed to increase in value by whatever we contributed.  So, we arranged a meeting with Mike, and on hearing our story, he calmly told us that his team could help.  He profiled us and within a few days, he presented us with a plan.  Quality companies with good dividends. Even in 2008 we only dipped, no free fall.  Mike is easy to talk to, has a good sense of humour, and he is a person one instantly trusts.  Best of all, our portfolio has gone up in value." 

 B. Kirkland (retired)

Clients since 2005


"When my wife and I first met Mike, I recall him drawing a house and some 'stick people', and he invited us to think of investing much like owning an investment property and having income-producing tenants. This was a very different approach to me, as I had always been encouraged to set a goal to have my investments and my life expire at the same time! Mike countered by saying that if it's set up right, the houses (aka the capital) should grow! I did not believe that could happen given our modest investment portfolio. However, it has!

I have often commented to my wife that Mike appears to treat us as if we were his parents. His knowledge, his professionalism and honesty has surely gained our trust!"

Ken & Bonnie (retired)

Clients since 2006

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