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Part of our commitment is to keep you informed. Regular communication and ongoing education are critical to earning and maintaining your trust. Helping you understand the investments you own and how they fit within your overall financial plan is integral to success.

As part of this commitment, we provide educational lunch & learns, seminars and relevant newsletters to update you on a wide range of topics that make good financial sense.

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Insights Newsletters

  Winter 2019 Newsletter
  • TFSA and RRSP limits and details: have you made the most of these tax-efficient investment accounts?
  • Market volatility is normal – staying the course is critical
  • In the news: Canadian Chiropractor Magazine
  • INCOME65: Digital assets and your Will
  • Due diligence corner
  Fall 2018 Newsletter
  • Income65 Estate Planning
  • Education & Due Diligence
  • Market Comments & Returns
  • Top up your RESP
  Summer 2018 Newsletter
  • How to avoid outliving your retirement savings
  • Weighing the Pros and Cons of Annuities
  • An INCOME65 Financial Plan identifies strategies to help you meet your financial goals
  • An update on our on-going due diligence process and meetings
  Spring 2018 Newsletter
  • We highlight the challenging market environment we’ve endured so far this year; and we place market fluctuations into context of the broader, longer-term view
  • The return of market volatility and our outlook
  • CPP Expansion
  • An update on our on-going due diligence process and meetings


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Be active for passive income

How to plan around the new small business tax changes.

The government enacted a number of tax changes that could dramatically impact the bottom line of many Canadian businesses, including incorporated professionals – chiropractors, doctors, lawyers and accountants. In this article, we examine the impact of a potential loss of some (or all) of the small business deduction (SBD) which means you could pay significantly more tax. The impact will only compound over time. Most importantly, there are ways to plan around the new tax changes.   

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Planning for a healthy retirement (Part 2)

Opportunities and misconceptions of retirement planning

In part 2 of the series, Mike highlights (1) the importance of Cash Flow investment strategies and compound returns, (2) RRSP and TFSA beneficiary considerations, (3) Potential U.S. tax implications for U.S. citizens living in a Canada and Canadian Snowbirds, and (4) CPP Survivorship Pension - often misunderstood. Sound financial planning strategies can be maximized – and properly implemented cash-flow investments can be compounded. By embracing the responsibility of planning now, you will drastically increase your success rates during your golden years.   

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Planning for a healthy retirement (Part 1)

6 risks to a healthy retirement and how to mitigate them

Our specialized INCOME65® process is designed to address the many challenges and opportunities facing retirees as they prepare for and enter retirement.  Research shows that clients who work with a financial advisor have up to four times the assets of non-advised households.  In recognizing the many positive research findings on the importance of adhering to a financial plan, our INCOME65® process includes methods that effectively match a client’s investment performance with their financial goals, and furthermore, match their retirement lifestyle expenses with their income streams.  

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Tax Talk 

Smart ways to secure your financial future

Corporate Class funds have been growing in both practicality and popularity.  They look and feel a lot like regular mutual funds, but provide investors certain tax benefits which traditional funds do not offer.

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