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Spring 2022 Newsletter

  • Maintaining Perspective
  • Protecting Investors: Appoint a Trusted Contact Person for your Accounts
  • Finding Ways to Deal With Inflation
  • Rising Interest Rates: A Cause for Concern?
  • Managing Risk: Why we rebalance portfolios

Winter 2022 Newsletter

  • Continue to Look Forward
  • Happy New Year! Consider these Investing Rules to Live By
  • Income Investors: Where to From Here?
  • Ontario: Changes to Estate Planning Law
  • Staying the Course: Look Forward with Confidence

Fall 2021 Newsletter

  • Investing & the Art of Patience
  • Inflation: How Has Purchasing Power Changed?
  • The Tax Benefits of Charitable Giving
  • Leaving a Lasting Legacy – Supporting the Wealth Transfer
  • It’s Never Too Late to Consider Life Insurance
  • The Psychology of Investing

Summer 2021 Newsletter

  • Cutting Through the Noise
  • Federal Budget 2021: Changes that May Affect You
  • Estate Planning: What Have You Told Adult Children?
  • Stock Market Returns: Never a Constant
  • Digesting Currency Changes: The High-Flying Loonie
  • Joint Ownership: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Spring 2021 Newsletter

  • Can the Markets Continue to Climb?
  • Interest Rates, Inflation & The Risk of Doing Nothing
  • Investing During Buoyant Market Times
  • Income 65  How Much will you Need in Retirement
  • Will Bitcoin Become the Next Gold?

Winter 2020 Newsletter

  • For 2021: Continue to Look Forward
  • INCOME65: In 2021, Will You Reach These Age Milestones: 60, 65 or 71?
  • 2021 RRSP and TFSA limits and deadlines
  • RRSP Season Again: Consider the Benefits of a Spousal RRSP
  • INCOME65: British Pension Transfer Options
  • Building Wealth Often Takes Time
  • Words of Wisdom from the Investing Wise



Fall 2020 Newsletter

  • A Closer Look at Market Performance: The S&P 500 Index
  • The Continuing Case for Diversification
  • INCOME65: Estate Planning: The Role of the Executor
  • Think Now About Year-End Tax Planning
  • Change: The Only Constant

Summer 2020 Newsletter

  • The Importance of Managing Risk
  • Maintaining a Longer-Term Perspective
  • How often are you Checking Investment Performance?
  • Changes to the 2020 RRIF Withdrawal Factors

Spring 2020 Newsletter

  • 2020 so far
  • REIT and Real Estate Corner
  • Continuing Education
Winter 2019 Newsletter
  • TFSA and RRSP limits and details: have you made the most of these tax-efficient investment accounts?
  • Market volatility is normal – staying the course is critical
  • In the news: Canadian Chiropractor Magazine
  • INCOME65: Digital assets and your Will
  • Due diligence corner
Fall 2018 Newsletter
  • Income65 Estate Planning
  • Education & Due Diligence
  • Market Comments & Returns
  • Top up your RESP
Summer 2018 Newsletter
  • How to avoid outliving your retirement savings
  • Weighing the Pros and Cons of Annuities
  • An INCOME65 Financial Plan identifies strategies to help you meet your financial goals
  • An update on our on-going due diligence process and meetings
Spring 2018 Newsletter
  • We highlight the challenging market environment we’ve endured so far this year; and we place market fluctuations into context of the broader, longer-term view
  • The return of market volatility and our outlook
  • CPP Expansion
  • An update on our on-going due diligence process and meetings
Winter 2018 Newsletter
  • RRSP Limits and Deadlines
  • Changes to TFSA Limits
  • Cash Flow Management and Debt Reduction
  • Estate Planning for TFSAs, RRSPs and RRIFs
Fall 2017 Newsletter
  • The Value of Professional Advice
  • Canada's Richest Cities 
  • Reminder:  Top Up Your RESP Before Year-End
  • Update on our recent Due Diligence meetings with Portfolio Management teams
  • In the Community: A Special Thank You as we Raised over $10 million for Toronto’s SickKids Hospital
Summer 2017 Newsletter
  • Wealth Professional Awards 2017
  • Due Diligence - Our commitment to staying informed
  • The Great Canadian Check List
  • Great Camp Adventure Walk



Spring 2017 Newsletter
  • Federal Budget March 22: How it impacts You
  • Reminder: Tax Filing and eDocuments
  • A question re: CPP Survivorship Pension
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • Estate Planning Tip:  Spouse Named as Successor Holder of your TFSA
Winter 2017 Newsletter
  • RRSP Limits and Deadlines & TFSA Limits
  • New client reporting brings greater transparency 
  • A glance back and a look forward
  • Reminder: Tax filing time is fast approaching



Fall 2016 Newsletter
  • RESP:  Saving for your child's post-secondary education
  • Manulife One - A unique banking solution
  • Portfolio Purchasing Power - Putting dividends into perspective
Summer 2016 Newsletter
  • Fund Fact Sheets... now emailed for new Mutual Fund purchases
  • Great Camp Adventure Walk Update
  • The Case for Canada...  Why investing here makes sense
  • Due Diligence... Our commitment to staying informed

Spring 2016 Newsletter


Winter 2016 Newsletter

  Fall 2015 Newsletter


Summer 2015 Newsletter




Spring 2015 Newsletter 


Winter 2015 Newsletter