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Alternative Investments for Health Care Professionals

The impressive run in stock prices this past decade has led many to question the sustainability of these high equity valuations.  With the challenge of an ongoing low interest rate environment that punishes bond investors, we begin to see why many professional money managers have been shifting their investment allocations from the traditional "stock and bond" portfolio to increasingly include another asset class altogether.

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Be active for passive income

How to plan around the new small business tax changes.

The government enacted a number of tax changes that could dramatically impact the bottom line of many Canadian businesses, including incorporated professionals – chiropractors, doctors, lawyers and accountants. In this article, we examine the impact of a potential loss of some (or all) of the small business deduction (SBD) which means you could pay significantly more tax. The impact will only compound over time. Most importantly, there are ways to plan around the new tax changes.   

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Planning for a healthy retirement (Part 2)

Opportunities and misconceptions of retirement planning

In part 2 of the series, Mike highlights (1) the importance of Cash Flow investment strategies and compound returns, (2) RRSP and TFSA beneficiary considerations, (3) Potential U.S. tax implications for U.S. citizens living in a Canada and Canadian Snowbirds, and (4) CPP Survivorship Pension - often misunderstood. Sound financial planning strategies can be maximized – and properly implemented cash-flow investments can be compounded. By embracing the responsibility of planning now, you will drastically increase your success rates during your golden years.   

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Planning for a healthy retirement (Part 1)

6 risks to a healthy retirement and how to mitigate them

Our specialized INCOME65® process is designed to address the many challenges and opportunities facing retirees as they prepare for and enter retirement.  Research shows that clients who work with a financial advisor have up to four times the assets of non-advised households.  In recognizing the many positive research findings on the importance of adhering to a financial plan, our INCOME65® process includes methods that effectively match a client’s investment performance with their financial goals, and furthermore, match their retirement lifestyle expenses with their income streams.  

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Tax Talk 

Smart ways to secure your financial future

Corporate Class funds have been growing in both practicality and popularity.  They look and feel a lot like regular mutual funds, but provide investors certain tax benefits which traditional funds do not offer.

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Portfolio Purchasing Power 

Putting dividends into perspective

Successful wealth management is achieved by maintaining and increasing your purchasing power of time. Through an in-depth analysis of the major bear markets of the past 100 years, Mike introduces a different way to measure your investment success, which he calls "Portfolio Purchasing Power".

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Portfolio Treatments 

Add a little certainty to your retirement income plan

The tax-effective Corporate Insured Retirement Program (IRP) is an innovative business planning concept that provides life insurance protection plus the potential for future access to cash values that have accumulated and compounded in the policy on a tax-free basis. An ideal consideration for excess cash held within a corporation.

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Cash Flow Portfolios

Making sense of a new reality 

While 2011 was a challenging year for many, in this article, Mike discusses the importance of Cash Flow and the power it has on compounding investment returns. How did our philosophy play out this year? This is a Must Read.

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The Ascent of Gold 

A speculative bubble, or the currency of old?

Gold’s impressive 10-year rise in value has not sheltered it from controversy. Some fear a speculative bubble is forming. Mike exposes the reality behind the precious metal’s move and the case for investing in gold.

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Portfolio Treatments for the Long Run 

Real estate investment trusts

In this article, Mike expands on the need for cash flow in a properly diversified investment and retirement plan. Mike highlights the Canadian real estate investment trust (REIT) sector.

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Exchange Traded Fundamentals

Fully transparent investing, with lower fees and solid returns

In this article Mike discusses one of the most intriguing asset classes to have emerged over the last decade.

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Surviving a Grizzly Attack

Portfolio strategies for a bear market 

In this article, Mike discusses a time-tested notion of investing in dividend-paying assets. Mike highlights the Canadian utility sector as a portfolio strategy for surviving a bear market.

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An Interesting Way to Eliminate Your Mortgage

Next to the amount of tax you pay in your life, interest on a mortgage is often a close second. In this article, Mike highlights an interesting new way you can reduce your debt. Often called the "Australian" mortgage, this concept can get you out of debt sooner and save you thousands in interest costs.

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Flow Through Investments Can Result In Tax Savings

Strategies that make financial sense 

A nest egg is important in that it provides you and your family with lifestyle options and financial security. As important as it is to fund your retirement plan, it is equally important to consider the amount of tax you pay on your accumulated wealth. As Mike points out, this tax-savings strategy can be a nice complement to a well-funded retirement plan.

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Flow Through Investing (Chartered Accountant Magazine) 

A more detailed look at the "flow through" tax savings strategy, with more detailed examples.

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Keeping A Cool Head

Why hot stories can burn holes in your portfolio 

One of mankind's greatest attributes – and perhaps greatest detractors – is our emotional capacity. Throughout history, this often great quality has decimated many fortunes. Mike explains the importance of establishing a written financial plan to help keep your emotions in check.

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Health Spending Account

Extended health care for the self-employed 

This concept is extremely flexible, very cost-efficient, and is solely designed for incorporated business owners who may not have health and dental coverage for themselves or for their family. Mike shows how a Health Spending Account is Revenue Canada's Best Kept Secret for the self-employed.

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Individual Pension Plan (IPP) 

Maximizing Retirement Savings

Many people are unaware of the highly effective alternative to RRSPs – the Individual Pension plan. Primarily designed for business owners and executives who earn in excess of $75,000 per year, and are at least age 40, the IPP provides many advantages, including higher contribution limits versus RRSPs. Often referred to as a "Supersized RRSP", Mike explains this interesting, and often misunderstood, option for building retirement savings in a prudent and effective manner.

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Socially Responsible Investing 

A triple-bottom-line strategy

Investors are starting to realize that they can help make companies more accountable to environment, social and governance issues. Mike uncovers one of the fastest growing investment concepts to emerge in the last few years; the SRI movement. While 2008 was challenging on your portfolio, SRI investors take comfort in knowing that a portion of their investments are always providing a positive "return" to our overall society.

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Mike highlights some thoughts and strategies for finding your path to financial freedom. 

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Keeping the Family Cottage

Preserving Your Estate

Canadian cottages have experienced a dramatic increase in value because of the real estate boom. In this article, Mike highlights a common area that many Canadians overlook, especially when their intentions are to pass the family cottage onto the next generation.

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